Interpretation in the deck of cards: The card of teh God HEPHAESTUS symbolizes the knowledge, art and metallurgy.

Hephaestus was the divine blacksmith. He made weapons, palaces, jewelry, all ornate and great. His relationship with Zeus was a relationship of submission. Hephaestus always did his father’s will.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of the individual, ie the tortured but courageous man, with a level of knowledge higher than usual. It symbolizes the creative person. Let’s not forget that Hephaestus is the only god who has a thousand years of sexual intercourse with Athena. The wise goddess of art is beautiful, healthy and strong.

Professionally refers to an excellent craftsman with high technological knowledge.

When the Hephaestus card is combined with that of Mercury then slavery is provided for an unemployed or new job for a businessman.

Also in this case he can simply state his zodiac sign (Aquarius).

The same card as number 11 may indicate the time the will take place an event (11 days, 11 weeks…), or the lucky number.

The characteristics of this Zodiac sign are:

Strong points

He has a charming personality. It is polite and durable, easy to assemble and has a strong will. He has an artistic nature, he is thoughtful, intuitive, he has an additional sensory perception. In romance, Aquarius is generous and loyal. Aquarius will make every effort to make a relationship work.


He is easily bored, proud, impersonal, shy, unable to show emotion. He will always be willing to compromise. He does not forget easily and easily becomes vindictive.