Interpretation in the deck of Cards: The card of ATHENS indicates the development and evolution of man through prudence, wisdom, intelligence and bravery that the Goddess gives him.

Athena was the goddess who symbolized wisdom. The Greeks were the first people to acquire rational thought and formulate universal laws for the operation of the universe. So they created a goddess who personified the intelligence and the wisdom.After all, even the way that the goddess was born was such a way that it testified to her qualities. The blue-eyed daughter jumped out of the head, of the almighty and omniscient Zeus.

Athena – Pallada symbolized some of the most important ideals of the ancient Greek spirit. She combined strength and courage with prudence and intelligence.

This card overturns any negative result and reinforces all the positives if combined during the throwing with the cards of the Greek Alphabet.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the persons, it indicates the character of this person, that is, this person is Wise, Reasonable, Smart, Brave and prudent because is protected by the goddess Athena.

Also in this case he can simply state his zodiac sign (Aries). The same card as number 7 may indicate the time that an event may happen (7 days, 7 months…)or one’s lucky number.

March 21 – April 20

Strong points

An independent, fearless, idealistic, bold character, who fights for the underdog, optimist, very impulsive, very smart, can overcome failures. Aries is active, honest and genuine, very careful.


Aries as a character can become rude and excessive, impatient and proud. He doesn’t like criticism as he thinks he’s acting wisely. Aries usually controls his emotions, but requires mental stimulation in a relationship. They can be affectionate.