Ask Anything

Ask Your Question now, if you are ready

Imagine that you are in the Oracle of Delphi and you want to get the divination of Pythia for something that torments you. Yes, you have come from far away and you want to ask her and of course you want her to answer you today.

Because this is fantastic and unlikely to happen, you will ask the question to PYTHIA PYLI and she will answer you as best she can.

So let’s follow the next steps:

  1. Choose one of the following figures that
    best represents you
  2. Press on it
  3. Think about your question well
    4 Press “read the answer”
  4. Then press where it says shuffle the deck,
    while thinking about the question you asked .
  5. When you are ready to get the answer, stop
    “stirring the deck” and press “Turn the cards”
  6. Ready to read.

If you do not understand something in the oracle send us an email at after you have registered on our site

Now press the character that best represents you to read your answer

40 TAwny Young Woman
Tawny Young Woman
38 Tawny woman
Tawny Woman
39 Tawny Young Man
Tawny Young Man
37 Tawny Man
Tawny Man
33 Brynette Young Man
Brunette Young Man
30 Brunette man
Brunette Man
32 Brynette young Woman
Brunette Young Woman
31 Brynette Woman
Brunette Woman
Blonde Young Man
Blond Man
Blonde Young Woman
Blonde Woman