Abouth the author



In 2014 Dr. Chrysoula Kefala she was awarded with a postdoctoral degree at the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the University of Athens, EKPA.
In 2005 she obtained a PhD from the Department of Sociology of Panteion University of Athens, with the subject of research the Sociological approach of the theatrical crowds (theatrical bouloukia) and their impact on the Greek society. The Title of Doctoral Dissertation “The Effect of The Theatrical Bouloukia onto the Greek Society.

In 1990 she graduated with honors (9.20 / 10) from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Rome, specializing in Historical Archeology.
She has also obtained three Network Management Diplomas from Microsoft Hellas (1997-1998) and a Journalism Diploma.(1990). She has extensive experience in education, culture and new technologies.

She has been involved in private education for 15 years. From 1997 to 2015 she was a partner of the IT and telecommunications company with the distinctive title VITA ACTION where she was involved in software design and teaching.

Also from 2005 she gained extensive experience in the management of European Programs Specifically:
1) from 2005-2008 she worked as Responsible for Sub-Project 1 of the Project ” Visitor Information Systems in Museums and Archaeological Sites” of the Hellenic Information Society of the Ministry of Culture (Ministry of Culture OPEP). EIN Ministry of Education 2005-2013,
2) from 2005 to 2008 she was a Member of the Central Working Group in the European program of EPEAEK II, “Summer Schools of Entrepreneurship and Vocational Education for TEE / EPAL / EPAS / SEK Students of all Greece except Attica ” of act 2.3.2z implemented by the National Youth Foundation and
3) from 2013 to 2015 she was a member of OES (Group of Foreign Collaborators in the European Program belonging to the PROGRAM THALIS Act:“ THE THEATER AS FORMAL-EDUCATIONAL FAVORITE AND CULTURAL EXPRESSION OF EDUCATION AND SOCIETY “with MIS: 375274. Department of Education, University of Athens, coordinated by Professor Theodoros Grammatas.
She was also involved in researches as since 2009 she is a Research Fellow of the Art Laboratory and Speech of the Pedagogical Department of the University of Athens and Scientific Associate of the Archaeometry Laboratory of the University of the Aegean.
She has been a speaker at many seminars and a Three-book author.

Her latest research is related
to the divinations as a primary element of the life of the ancient Greeks and
to the philosophy of the existence of the soul (Plato, Iamblichus).
The result of this research was the writing of the book “PYTHIA PYLI – The Ancient Divination in the Modern Era”, in which she studied the relationship between the divinations and the sciences of History, Mythology, Philosophy and Mathematics and in which she proposes a modern way of Divinations.

This method has been test succesfully for 5 years