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Concentrate on the question that you asked, start stirring the deck. When you feel ready stop it and press open all the cards. Now read all the interpretations together. Or by pressing on each card you may read its interpretation separately from the others.


The card KALOS with the image “Callisto” suggests a person with external and internal beauty.

The card KALOS with the Image” Kakos” suggests an ugly and immoral person.


The card IERIA with the image “Pythia” may indicate:
1. You have protection from God
2. You have to follow your instinct,
3. To Listen to the advice of a “enlightened” person, carefully
4. A secret that will be revealed
5. Protection from jinx and bad words

The card IEREIA with the image “Kassandra” means that you do not have confidence to your instinct, that you are like blinds and act hastily without consulting the inner voice of your unconscious. So be careful because even though the truth is revealed to you through premonition, dreams, advice or prophecies, you are not following the right path and this may have negative consequences in your life. In many cases it can be interpreted as jinx for bad luck.


The card NATURE and the image “The Tree of Life”, indicates our life, the life of an individual who will be successful and balanced. Even in combination with other papers it can foretell the birth of a new life

The card NATURE and the image “Our Lives” suggests that our lives will be involved with the lives of other people. This foretells the harmonious life of a couple or of a family.


The card EROS with th eimage “The god of love”, declares a thunderous love whose result has not yet been clarified by fate. In other words, there is a possibility that the arrows of Love will only hit one of the two people (one-sided love).

The card EROS “Eros and Soul” predicts a strong mutual love that will withst against all possible difficulties and will overcome all possible obstacles , because the person concerned will have found true love, that is, his “sister soul”


The card LOGOS with the image “The value of dialogue – Aspasia & Perikles” means: the efficient discussion, the kind words, the marriage proposal, the cooperation proposal. It implies every good, substantial and efficient reason that comes from divine enlightenment (mind). It foretells a dialogue that will have positive effects on our lives.

The card LOGOS with the image “False Words…” foretells a quarrel. A quarrel, an argument or the hearing of some malicious words (gossip) that are intended to irritate us.

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