Interpretation in the deck of cards: The card of ARTEMIS indicates boldness, love for nature and animals, protection for children . The goddess Artemis will give you the courage and patience to cope with your professional goals.

From the very first hours of her birth, Artemis takes initiatives. She is the beautiful and brilliant Goddess who had won the esteem of the other gods from a very early age. Zeus admired her for her perseverance and ingenuity. Faithful and steadfast in what she asked for and committed to, the virgin goddess never defiled neither her ethos nor her character.

This card overturns any negative result or reinforces all the positives if combined when throwing cards with cards of the Greek Alphabet.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of this individual, ie the bold who is focused on its professional goals and does not want the family. A person who loves nature and animals and who likes to protect others but finds it difficult to forgive serious mistakes. It also symbolizes the pure man in the soul and body who is indifferent to the joys of love and marriage.

Also in this case he can simply declare its zodiac sign (Cancer).

The same card as number 2 may indicate the time that an event may take place (2 days, 2 weeks…), or the lucky number of someone

Strong points

Cancers are romantic, imaginative, smart, gifted with sensory perception, realistic, sensible, intuitive, nice, genuine memory, humor, conversation. They love children and are very protective of them.


Mysterious, they tend to shoulder other people’s problems, brave, critical, insecure, self-contained, most likely suffering from depression. In their relationships, cancers tend to stay at home – loving and loyal to their families when they decide to commit to marriage, but they need time and space for themselves.