Is he/she theright for you?

To what extent is your relationship karmic according to numerology?

To see if there is karmicity between two people in relation to numerology, you need to follow these steps.

Communication : First of all let’s to see how well do you communicate with the other person. To do this follow these steps:

Subtract the dates of birth (we do not take into account the month and year of birth, eg if someone was born on October 31 and the other person was born on the 7th of May we keep only the number 31 and subtract it with the number of the day of birth of the partner eg 7 ): 31-7=24
Reduce the resulting difference by one digit.In our example is 2+4=6. Keep in mind that if the difference is 11 or 22, it is interpreted as 2 or 4 respectively, with stronger energy and influence (positive or negative).

Continually read the result below according to the number that emerged from the subtraction. In my example I will read the 6th below:

0There can be a harmonious communication relationship since the partners have the same way of thinking
1They have the same basis, but a different way of thinking. This is why they can only communicate only if they respect each other’s choices.
2They have the same way of thinking, but because their thoughts starts from a different basis, disagreements can easily arise.  At the end, the people work together, but in a different way.
3They express themselves in different ways so they are unable to understand each other and there is increased risk of rupture.
4They communicate on mild low tones, mainly in everyday matters.
5Intense stormy relationship. 
The mental communication of individuals creates irritation and quarrels.
6A harmonious couple with a good balance relationship .
7Communicative couple with great confidence.
8In coexistence, materialism dominates, and the couple’s communication must have a deeper motivation.
9They need to be on the same mental level to communicate.
9 it is the number that indicates spiritual differences.

Now let’s find out how suitable you are as a couple, according to your birthday numbers. Just follow these steps:

Use the calculator below to find the sum of your own date of birth and of the date of birth of the person you are interested in. (This is called the destiny number of each person.)

The destiny number is the one-digit number that we end up, when we add all the numbers of the date of birth. First we reduce to a single digit number of the day of birth, then we end up to one digit number the month and finally the year. Then we add all of them and we finalize in one unique digit number. This is how we find the destiny number.

               Examples of calculation
If the date of birth is 18-4-1971 then you will add with the help of the calculator

  1. the numbers 18 + 4 + 1971 = 1993
  2. the numbers now: for 1993: 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 22
  3. the numbers now for 22: 2 + 2 = 4 This is is the destiny number of the date of birth 18-4-1971

do the same with the date of birth of your partner who we assume was born on 22-12-1954 so we add

  1. the numbers 22 + 12 + 1954 = 1988
  2. the numbers now for 1988: 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 26
  3. the numbers now for 26: 2 + 6 = 8 where it corresponds to the destiny number of the date of birth of the partner.

If you are ready you can use the number machine for additions. So go ahead:

Once you find the two numbers you can see if they match. Press your own single digit number that came up as a sum to see your relationship with the other number.

(That is, according to the above example, you will press the number 4 and then you will go to the paragraph where you can see it in relation to the number 8)

Number 1Number 2Number 3
Number 4Number 5Number 6
Number 7Number 8Number 9