46 hermes

Interpretation in the deck of cards: HERMES ‘s card indicates protection in trade, science, sports, communication. Also the return on profit or reputation. In cases where the card falls in combination with illness or even death, the HERMES card may bring the reversal and indicate protection to patients, treatment.

His external influences are related to schools and more generally to places where teaching and learning takes place, scientific institutions, printing houses, publishing houses, writers, publishers, speakers, teachers, professors, people of science, thinkers, lawyers, booksellers books, mail and intermediaries.

It is related to traders and to the extent that some skill and intelligence is required it is also related to experienced craftsmen and artisans. It is related to thought, understanding, logic and the mind in general. With intelligence, dexterity, cunning, eloquence and memory.

This card overturns any negative result or reinforces the positive if combined when throwing cards with the Greek Alphabet.

When the Mercury card is combined with the Hephaestus card, then a job is provided for an unemployed person or a new job for a businessman.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of the person, that is, the reasonable, skillful, eloquent person, a person capable of making money, a good scientist. This card refers mainly to the professional field of a person and so we can assume that we are talking about a successful businessman, scientist, athlete, artist or even therapist.
Also in this case can simply declare its zodiac sign (Gemini).

The same card as number 4 may indicate the time that an event may happen (4days, 4 weeks….), or its lucky number

GEMINI THE TWINS (Positive house of Hermes)

Strong points

They are capable of exceptional achievements, they can combine the ideal with the practical, smart, high-minded, intuitive, inventive, imaginative, ideally with practicality, security of mind

Weaknesses ,

Fragility, impulsiveness, misleading, unpredictable, materialistic, they do not like to be tied up, impatient, dissatisfied as they will always feel that they have a new mission to fulfil