41 Apollo

Interpretation in the deck of cards: The card
of APOLLON indicates the new consciousness, the new course of life, the balance, the harmony, the bliss, the happiness, the rebirth, the re-foundation of existing values, the positive outcome of situations through the enlightenment of the soul, which God Apollo gives to man .

The qualities that are traditionally given to Apollo are four: “music, divination, medicine and the art of archery”. Apollo is considered the god of consciousness! This cognitive regulator of human actions, in every life and existence he will seek its truth and its meaning. Interwoven with the LIGHT and the obvious ARMONIA, STHENOS, SYMMETRIA, ISORROPIA. THE KNOWLEDGE OF OURSELVES is the most powerful Apollonian weapon

This card overturns any negative result or reinforces the positive if combined when throwing cards with CARDS OF the Greek Alphabet.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of the person. So this person will be intellectual , enlightened, a person of Knowledge, a person with metaphysical concerns, as is protected by the God Apollo.

Also in this case can simply state its zodiac sign (Leo).

The same card with number 1 may indicate the time that an event may happen, or the lucky number of someone or the conquest of the first.

Strong points

It is distinguished by warmth, friendliness, leadership and innovative spirit. He is generous, honest, nice, with organizational skills and compassion.


Selfish, fear of rejection needs self-esteem. In Relationships, Leo is loyal, but requires a partner who is interested in his ambitions and who will provide him with support and encouragement