Number 2

2 to 1
You can match and have a balanced relationship, as long as the number 1 can understand the number 2 and not work selfishly. If the 1 leaves the control to 2, then the relationship will lead to the best result.

2 to 2 
A challenging relationship for strong nerves and intense moments. By nature, they are both very sensitive, emotional and quite unstable. They need someone who is more stable and more rational so that they can find balance in the relationship. So the combination is likely to bring tensions, nerves, a sense of dissatisfaction and in general is not the best combination for a calm and lasting relationship. Conclusion : Union and separation after a stormy relationship.

2 to 3 
A good combination of numbers that can bring happiness and a calm and a lasting relationship to these people. The number 2 partner, whether male or female, is highly emotional and protective and gives the material to the relationship. The number 3 is the one that will implement and develop the relationship through its creative nature. He / she will create a warm environment for the relationship and strengthening the sociability of the partner 2.

2 to 4 
This combination foretells a creative relationship but mainly professional collaborations. However, when the relationship is emotional and not professional, then it is possible to have problems that have their roots in the number 4 and especially in the seriousness of his/her character and to the lack of expression of the feeling by his/her side. He/she thinks and acts in a practical way. The  number 2 is patient and surrounds with love the views of partner 4, but one day he/she  will break out, he will not be able to stand it anymore and will bring out what is inside him/her  with impetus and intensity. The future of such a relationship depends on partner 4 to be patient and to perceive the emotional needs of the partner 2.

2 to 5 
A very intense relationship is predicted, with tensions that may initially be interesting and rekindle the relationship, but in the future these people are likely to become psychologically exhausted and may break up. The 2 is looking for the union, the agreement and the harmonious balance that will make him feel safe, while the 5 is looking for change, constant renewal and cannot reconcile with stability. In this relationship the partner 5 will suffocate and will not be able to understand the 2, while the partner 2 will be disappointed by his behavior and reasoning 5.

2 to 6
These people are emotionally compatible and they may have evolution and a happy ending. Both may be wary at first and move slowly and exploratory. So it takes patience and time for this relationship to bear fruit but in the future they will enjoy strong and sincere feelings as both of them intend to perfect the relationship and grow old together.

2 to 7
A not-so-clear love / emotional relationship is foretold but more of a platonic love or a very good friendship with love touches. You are both internal types who think more than you should and this makes it difficult to establish or maintain this relationship. Certainly, however, your relationship will offer you many opportunities for spiritual development and awareness of life and its meaning, and this relationship will not be forgotten, but will continue in some form for a long time.

2 to 8 

Very good relationship as the 8 match with the number 2 . Because the 8 creates intense admiration and awe, something that will be shown from the beginning and will quickly lead to an intense love and relationship. The 2 will go crazy with the 8 and the 8 will be particularly flattered by this fact, which will make him to want to keep this relationship forever. The 8  already considers this relationship a source of excitement and deep love. As the time goes on, this intensive attraction of love will be transformed into true love, respect and companionship. So the relationship between these two will last until old age. There is usually a difference in age or social status in these relationships.

2 to 9
Is not foreseen a good relationship and it is better for you to avoid it. But if you happen to form a relationship, then you will experience a complete mismatch of your characters, a difference of opinion, tensions, you will get tired and you will see that your relationship cannot have a future. It is a relationship for strong nerves.