Number 3

3 to 1 
It is a good and functional relationship. The momentum and leadership tendency of 1 can be expressed through the creative ability of number three. The number 3, of course, is the one who will maintain and renew the relationship, over and over again with his creative and clever tricks.

3 to 2
A good combination of numbers that can bring happiness and a calm and a lasting relationship to these people. The number 2 partner, whether male or female, is highly emotional and protective and gives the material to the relationship. The number 3 is the one that will implement and develop the relationship through its creative nature. He / she will create a warm environment for the relationship and strengthening the sociability of the partner 2.

3 to 3
The beginning of this relationship is predicted to be good, but as time goes on, misunderstandings, nerves, quarrels are created and can lead to separation. Both partners seem to have a lot in common in the beginning and love chemistry is present from the first date. In the process, however, they cannot maintain the relationship because it is difficult to establish stability between them. They can even have children together without having provided for the future. It is possible that such a relationship could lead to a separation.

3 to 4

Here can be created a relationship with future and duration. The 3 is quite social and communicative person and this helps 4 to relax and enjoy. Then 4 due to his innate practicality and organizational ability can implement his ideas 3. At times due to serious issues there may be conflicts and disputes, but with compromises on both sides the relationship can work and keep inside in time.

3 to 5
A strong relationship is foretold. Both 2 and 5 are lively, dynamic, optimistic, creative people. Both give equal importance to the senses and the mind. There is chemistry between them and a magnetic vortex is created, but it is moved more by the 3, while the 5 may just be carried away and enjoy without  thinking whatever creates the 3. It is a relationship indestructible in time.

3 to 6
A relationship is predicted that completes the partners and can lead to marriage, family and a happy ending. It is a creative, harmonious, functional and beautiful relationship. Usually the 6 take all the responsibilities that are created. The purpose of both is to make this relationship work and succeed through time and the difficulties of life. 

3 to 7
There is a possibility of a sustainable relationship as long as the partners are able to understand and accept each other’s needs. The 3 is more social than 7 and in some cases 7 will need to follow its lively pace 3. On the other hand, 3 will need to give in to some issues, reduce its impulsiveness and listen to the wise 7. If both of them make concessions then it is not unlikely that third parties will enter the relationship, as the partners will try to find a way out through someone who understands them.
3 to 8
They are people who do not fit, but this fact does not preclude the creation of a relationship, on the contrary, we can say that it is fatal. 3 constantly wants to create, change, change and renew its relationship, while 8 cares more about stability and financial security. Tensions arise between them over waste time or money. The relationship may last due to the persistence of 8 but love may leave the window.

3 to 9
It foretells a relationship that will last for a long time and will be satisfying and creative for both of them. The 3 are alive, active, social and creative and these elements find the right ground in the character of 9, who is open and generous enough to follow, support and strengthen his efforts and needs 3. Very good erotic chemistry, which not only binds the relationship to the carnal level, but takes it to spiritual realms, as a result of which we have the possibility for a long-term relationship.