Number 4

4 to 1
There are difficulties and you have to find a way to communicate, otherwise the relationship is in danger of breaking up or becoming completely conventional and not offering satisfaction to any of you. The 4 will try to limit the speed of 1 and set limits, barriers so that if he succeeds, match 1 will almost be castrated. But if he does not succeed it and this is most likely, as 1 has a tendency to be a leader and always succeeds on his own, then the partner 4 will be trapped in a relationship full of limitations and will live unsatisfied.

4 to 2
This combination foretells a creative relationship but mainly professional collaborations. However, when the relationship is emotional and not professional, then it is possible to have problems that have their roots in the number 4 and especially in the seriousness of his/her character and to the lack of expression of the feeling by his/her side. He/she thinks and acts in a practical way. The  number 2 is patient and surrounds with love the views of partner 4, but one day he/she  will break out, he will not be able to stand it anymore and will bring out what is inside him/her  with impetus and intensity. The future of such a relationship depends on partner 4 to be patient and to perceive the emotional needs of the partner 2.

4to 3

Here can be created a relationship with future and duration. The 3 is quite social and communicative person and this helps 4 to relax and enjoy. Then 4 due to his innate practicality and organizational ability can implement his ideas 3. At times due to serious issues there may be conflicts and disputes, but with compromises on both sides the relationship can work and keep inside in time.

4 to 4

A difficult and dangerous relationship is predicted because on the one hand the partners want to maintain the relationship, as they do not like the changes, but on the other hand there are many tensions between them due to their absolute character. Unfortunately, the partners in this relationship can become particularly harsh with each other and with the environment of the relationship (relatives, close friends, children). Neither of them will emerge victorious from these conflicts. Such a relationship can only work when individuals have gone through their relationships through other relationships and have reached an age where what they need now is convenience and practical security.

4 to 5   

Here  is not forecast a proper relationship. The 5 needs change, liveliness and risk, while 4 seeks security through stability and restraint . The contact of the partners creates tensions and difficulties in the personal development of the individuals and so the 5 can see his career or health take a downturn, while the 4 can feel nervous disorders and suffer from a lack of stability in  his life

4 to 6
A stable and satisfying relationship is predicted as the partner 4 is in agreement with the partner 6 and they have a lot in common that promises a long-term and stable relationship. A relationship with stability and security in which the 4 is definitely the most imposing and the one who makes the decisions, but this does not bother the partner 6 who finds security, protection and meaning in this relationship.

4 to 7

It is predicted that a special relationship enjoys more knowledge and learning than romance and emotions. Partner 7 is the one who has the upper hand and leads the relationship as he is more introverted than partner 4 who learns from 7 and applies the ideas and directions given to the relationship, ultimately creating a functional and satisfactory result for both.

4 to 8
It takes a lot of attention and delicate handling to maintain and function a positive relationship with each other. Partner 4 is stable and wants things to stay within the limits of common sense and security. Partner 8 is a risky person and often follows his intuition and has several ambitions that may frighten 4, perhaps because he finds them daring, irrational or unnecessary.

4 to 9
A relationship is predicted to last for a long time and be creative and productive. Partner 9 has the upper hand in this relationship and guides and inspires the right to the partner 4. The relationship is quite erotic, but the partners will not they will only stay there and try to work together or engage in a business together.