Number 5

5 to 1 
Very good relationship for those looking for evolution, freedom and liveliness in a relationship. The 5 is quite free, magnetic and live and these qualities are very attractive to 1, who will fall in love with 5. The 5 is the lucky one in this relationship, but it’s best not to forget that the 1 orders, decides and leads the relationship.

5 to 2
A very intense relationship is predicted, with tensions that may initially be interesting and rekindle the relationship, but in the future these people are likely to become psychologically exhausted and may break up. The 2 is looking for the union, the agreement and the harmonious balance that will make him feel safe, while the 5 is looking for change, constant renewal and cannot reconcile with stability. In this relationship the partner 5 will suffocate and will not be able to understand the 2, while the partner 2 will be disappointed by his behavior and reasoning 5.

5 to 3
A strong relationship is foretold. Both 2 and 5 are lively, dynamic, optimistic, creative people. Both give equal importance to the senses and the mind. There is chemistry between them and a magnetic vortex is created, but it is moved more by the 3, while the 5 may just be carried away and enjoy without  thinking whatever creates the 3. It is a relationship indestructible in time.

5 to 4  
Here  is not forecast a proper relationship. The 5 needs change, liveliness and risk, while 4 seeks security through stability and restraint . The contact of the partners creates tensions and difficulties in the personal development of the individuals and so the 5 can see his career or health take a downturn, while the 4 can feel nervous disorders and suffer from a lack of stability in  his life

5 to 5 
It is a controversial relationship that depends purely on the characters that people have developed already. Depending n their social backgrounds and on whether they are willing to deal with each other’s problems and difficulties. So the relationship between these two numbers needs people who are not individualists but who have an innate desire to see beyond themselves.

5 to 6 
An intense relationship is predicted with great sexual attraction. But outside of bed, partners can have a lot of problems because partner 5 doesn’t pay attention to the responsibilities of the relationship, and that’s not the case at allfor partner  6. The relationship can have significant problems due to conflicts. Partner5 does not socially satisfy the 6 and this can lead 6 to leave of the relationship before having children, because then it will be very difficult to leave.

5 to 7 
A relationship is predicted that creates opportunities for spiritual development of both partners through the relationship. Both work for change. The partner 5 works more on earth and partner 7 more internally / consciously. So if 7 can understand the need for freedom of 5 and 5 can understand the need for isolation and meditation of 7, then the relationship will work wonderfully and creatively for both of them.

5 to 8 
This relationship requires a little effort from both of them, at least in the beginning. In this relationship the partner 5 moves the situations while partner 8 follows and organizes better what the 5 has start, resulting in the joy and in the success of both. But the Partner 8 should show patience and not be detuned by the fast pace of 5. The relationship has the specifications to keep.

5 to 9 
A relationship is predicted that can last over time and be seen as beneficial and satisfying for both partners. Through this relationship, the partners will travel, come in contact with larger groups and will certainly move charitably helping those who can and in various ways, as this is something that interests both of them.