Number 6

6 to 1
They can build a strong relationship, as long as they are both mature and are able to take responsibility for each other. The 6 is by nature responsible and has no problem taking on additional responsibilities for the good, balance and facilitation of the relationship. This element can lead the partner 1 to take advantage of the generosity of partner 6, with the result that the relationship is unilateral in terms of rights and obligations to the detriment of 6.

6 to 2
These people are emotionally compatible and they may have evolution and a happy ending. Both may be wary at first and move slowly and exploratory. So it takes patience and time for this relationship to bear fruit but in the future they will enjoy strong and sincere feelings as both of them intend to perfect the relationship and grow old together.
6 to 3
A relationship is predicted that completes the partners and can lead to marriage, family and a happy ending. It is a creative, harmonious, functional and beautiful relationship. Usually the 6 take all the responsibilities that are created. The purpose of both is to make this relationship work and succeed through time and the difficulties of life. 

6 to 4
A stable and satisfying relationship is predicted as the partner 4 is in agreement with the partner 6 and they have a lot in common that promises a long-term and stable relationship. A relationship with stability and security in which the 4 is definitely the most imposing and the one who makes the decisions, but this does not bother the partner 6 who finds security, protection and meaning in this relationship.

6 to 5
An intense relationship is predicted with great sexual attraction. But outside of bed, partners can have a lot of problems because partner 5 doesn’t pay attention to the responsibilities of the relationship, and that’s not the case at allfor partner  6. The relationship can have significant problems due to conflicts. Partner5 does not socially satisfy the 6 and this can lead 6 to leave of the relationship before having children, because then it will be very difficult to leave.

6 to 6 
A relationship which is predicted that at some point will probably tire both of them and lead the relationship either to the end or to misery. There is definitely a romantic mood on both sides, love, respect and interest.  BUT on one hand both partners taking on too many responsibilities and on the othe rhand mixing family members or the problems that they already have, all these they have affected the relationship, constantly destabilizing it and not helping it move on.

6 to 7 

A strong relationship is foretold, with mystery, eroticism and a lot of food for thought. The problems that may arise in such a relationship come from the burden of responsibility that often falls entirely on the 6 and the insecurity that distinguishes the 7. In this relationship the 7 must make efforts not to be jealous of the 6. Also, in order not to affect the field of the relationship, the 7 should let the 6 rise to a personal level.

6 to 8
A relationship with duration is predicted, respect for each other and general harmony both emotional and practical balance. The partner 8 appreciates the elements of 6 that have to do with beauty, balance, love and care and 6 is fascinated and attracted by the sociability, popularity, ambition and success of 8.

6 to 9 

A beautiful and warm relationship full of understanding, love and many emotions is foretold. The partner 6 finds understanding from the broader perception that the 9 has and can move to higher levels of manifestation and creation through this relationship. Partner 9 is interested in charity, social and artistic issues anyway and will find a loyal follower and assistant at 6.