Number 7

7 to 1
A difficult relationship is predicted that does not always lead to a happy ending as partner 1 is impulsive, direct, direct and expressive while partner 7 is introverted and less social than partner 1. These differences lead to problematic cohabitation with the possibility of infidelity. A relationship between these numbers will always have a form of loss and is a better combination for friendship or counseling.

7 to 2
A not-so-clear love / emotional relationship is foretold but more of a platonic love or a very good friendship with love touches. You are both internal types who think more than you should and this makes it difficult to establish or maintain this relationship. Certainly, however, your relationship will offer you many opportunities for spiritual development and awareness of life and its meaning, and this relationship will not be forgotten, but will continue in some form for a long time.

7 to 3
There is a possibility of a sustainable relationship as long as the partners are able to understand and accept each other’s needs. The 3 is more social than 7 and in some cases 7 will need to follow its lively pace 3. On the other hand, 3 will need to give in to some issues, reduce its impulsiveness and listen to the wise 7. If both of them make concessions then it is not unlikely that third parties will enter the relationship, as the partners will try to find a way out through someone who understands them

7 to 4

It is predicted that a special relationship enjoys more knowledge and learning than romance and emotions. Partner 7 is the one who has the upper hand and leads the relationship as he is more introverted than partner 4 who learns from 7 and applies the ideas and directions given to the relationship, ultimately creating a functional and satisfactory result for both.

7 to 5 
A relationship is predicted that creates opportunities for spiritual development of both partners through the relationship. Both work for change. The partner 5 works more on earth and partner 7 more internally / consciously. So if 7 can understand the need for freedom of 5 and 5 can understand the need for isolation and meditation of 7, then the relationship will work wonderfully and creatively for both of them.

7 to 6 
A strong relationship is foretold, with mystery, eroticism and a lot of food for thought. The problems that may arise in such a relationship come from the burden of responsibility that often falls entirely on the 6 and the insecurity that distinguishes the 7. In this relationship the 7 must make efforts not to be jealous of the 6. Also, in order not to affect the field of the relationship, the 7 should let the 6 rise to a personal level.

7 to 7 
A beautiful relationship is predicted in which one partner understands the other’s desires and thoughts without having to talk. In this relationship there is a deep feeling and telepathic contact and communication and it seems to be the perfect karmic relationship. One has ideas and the other implements them in perfect harmony. On a spiritual level, the partners are completely covered by each other, but on a practical level and especially in the erotic field, the combination can create issues as well as both have several suspensions and hidden desires that do not express them very directly and clearly.

7 to 8 
In this case, it is better to have a professional relationship than a personal one. Partner 7 is a spiritual person and gives value to emotions by promoting them to the level of religious art. Partner 8 on the other hand is more materialistic and is more interested in his professional success and more generally in the material manifestation of existence and life, which he cannot easily understand and accept in the end. So despite the chemistry that may exist, the relationship may not actually satisfy either of them and bring about a waste of money and time.

7 to 9 
It takes time for partners to find a way to communicate and to say that their relationship works harmoniously. They both have a kind of wisdom and they are not in a  hurry to move forward. They are interested in people and society and their interests will bring them together. But for practical matters, the combination does not help and their relationship will bring difficulties and obstacles in financial or professional matters. In time, everything can be fixed, but it takes time and effort.