8 to 1
A strong relationship is foretold that often has even elements of competition hidden behind the common goals and common visions of the couple. The 8 is dynamic and this of course likes to 1, who finds the strength he needs to fight in life and feel dynamic and effective. In this relationship there are karmic elements that 8 brings to the life of 1 and sometimes, when the karmic debts are repaid, the relationship ends having served its purpose.

8 to 2 
Very good relationship as the 8 match with the number 2 . Because the 8 creates intense admiration and awe, something that will be shown from the beginning and will quickly lead to an intense love and relationship. The 2 will go crazy with the 8 and the 8 will be particularly flattered by this fact, which will make him to want to keep this relationship forever. The 8  already considers this relationship a source of excitement and deep love. As the time goes on, this intensive attraction of love will be transformed into true love, respect and companionship. So the relationship between these two will last until old age. There is usually a difference in age or social status in these relationships.

8 to 3
They are people who do not fit, but this fact does not preclude the creation of a relationship, on the contrary, we can say that it is fatal. 3 constantly wants to create, change, change and renew its relationship, while 8 cares more about stability and financial security. Tensions arise between them over waste time or money. The relationship may last due to the persistence of 8 but love may leave the window.

8 to 4
It takes a lot of attention and delicate handling to maintain and function a positive relationship with each other. Partner 4 is stable and wants things to stay within the limits of common sense and security. Partner 8 is a risky person and often follows his intuition and has several ambitions that may frighten 4, perhaps because he finds them daring, irrational or unnecessary.

8 to 5 
This relationship requires a little effort from both of them, at least in the beginning. In this relationship the partner 5 moves the situations while partner 8 follows and organizes better what the 5 has start, resulting in the joy and in the success of both. But the Partner 8 should show patience and not be detuned by the fast pace of 5. The relationship has the specifications to keep.

8 to 6
A relationship with duration is predicted, respect for each other and general harmony both emotional and practical balance. The partner 8 appreciates the elements of 6 that have to do with beauty, balance, love and care and 6 is fascinated and attracted by the sociability, popularity, ambition and success of 8.

8 to 7 
In this case, it is better to have a professional relationship than a personal one. Partner 7 is a spiritual person and gives value to emotions by promoting them to the level of religious art. Partner 8 on the other hand is more materialistic and is more interested in his professional success and more generally in the material manifestation of existence and life, which he cannot easily understand and accept in the end. So despite the chemistry that may exist, the relationship may not actually satisfy either of them and bring about a waste of money and time.

8 to 8 
It’s a karmic relationship. It is a relationship that one of the partners will find it very difficult to break, although many times both of them will think about it and want it. Erotic chemistry is so strong that partners are blinded and their free will is almost catalyzed. There are many difficulties in this relationship such as abrupt and absolute behaviors, tensions and quarrels. It is a fatal, intense and disastrous relationship. The couple can achieve a lot together in the material, financial and business sectors, but they will always have a cult-hate relationship between them.

8 to 9 
The relationship will go through many difficulties and the burden falls more on the partner 8 to maintain and continue the relationship. Partner 9 knows how to give what a relationship needs: love, interest, time and patience. So it is up to him to truly love his partner, to understand him and to accept him. The 8 will initially focus on the benefits and rewards that occur through this relationship and will move selfishly. If 8 can really love the 9 for what 9 is and not for what he offers then the relationship will have both duration and success.