9 to 1
Dangerous relationship. However, they can learn from each other if there is a will, for example, the match 9 can help and lovingly surround the goals of 1, but he will also need to become strong enough to be able to face the egoism of 1 On the other hand, 1 may strengthen and inspire vision in 9, but he will have to fight with the tendency to use Taser 9 for his own benefit

9 to 2
Is not foreseen a good relationship and it is better for you to avoid it. But if you happen to form a relationship, then you will experience a complete mismatch of your characters, a difference of opinion, tensions, you will get tired and you will see that your relationship cannot have a future. It is a relationship for strong nerves.

9 to 3
It foretells a relationship that will last for a long time and will be satisfying and creative for both of them. The 3 are alive, active, social and creative and these elements find the right ground in the character of 9, who is open and generous enough to follow, support and strengthen his efforts and needs 3. Very good erotic chemistry, which not only binds the relationship to the carnal level, but takes it to spiritual realms, as a result of which we have the possibility for a long-term relationship.

9 to 4
A relationship is predicted to last for a long time and be creative and productive. Partner 9 has the upper hand in this relationship and guides and inspires the right to the partner 4. The relationship is quite erotic, but the partners will not they will only stay there and try to work together or engage in a business together.

9 to 5 
A relationship is predicted that can last over time and be seen as beneficial and satisfying for both partners. Through this relationship, the partners will travel, come in contact with larger groups and will certainly move charitably helping those who can and in various ways, as this is something that interests both of them.

9 to 6 
A beautiful and warm relationship full of understanding, love and many emotions is foretold. The partner 6 finds understanding from the broader perception that the 9 has and can move to higher levels of manifestation and creation through this relationship. Partner 9 is interested in charity, social and artistic issues anyway and will find a loyal follower and assistant at 6.

9 to 7 
It takes time for partners to find a way to communicate and to say that their relationship works harmoniously. They both have a kind of wisdom and they are not in a  hurry to move forward. They are interested in people and society and their interests will bring them together. But for practical matters, the combination does not help and their relationship will bring difficulties and obstacles in financial or professional matters. In time, everything can be fixed, but it takes time and effort.

9 to 8
The relationship will go through many difficulties and the burden falls more on the partner 8 to maintain and continue the relationship. Partner 9 knows how to give what a relationship needs: love, interest, time and patience. So it is up to him to truly love his partner, to understand him and to accept him. The 8 will initially focus on the benefits and rewards that occur through this relationship and will move selfishly. If 8 can really love the 9 for what 9 is and not for what he offers then the relationship will have both duration and success.

9 to 9

The relationship is predicted to be from a neutral up to a negative one. As friends or acquaintances, as partners or as relatives, these two are good and help each other when needed. As a couple, however, they cannot function well together and the balance of the relationship is so delicate that with the slightest thing, all these that they have built can be demolished. Third parties will greatly affect the couple and the conditions  of their lives will create competition, jealousy, misunderstandings and unacknowledged passions