1 to 1 
You two will have a very lively relationship, with intense action and energy. You two match a lot each other and have the same way of thinking and acting. But you have to keep the balance and have mutual respect because you are both absolute (the 1 you see is the first number, is the beginning) otherwise, your relationship can be driven from absolute matching to absolute hell.

1 to 2 

You can match and have a balanced relationship, as long as the number 1 can understand the number 2 and not work selfishly. If the 1 leaves the control to 2, then the relationship will lead to the best result.

1 to 3 

It is a good and functional relationship. The momentum and leadership tendency of 1 can be expressed through the creative ability of number three. The number 3, of course, is the one who will maintain and renew the relationship, over and over again with his creative and clever tricks.

1 to 4
There are difficulties and you have to find a way to communicate, otherwise the relationship is in danger of breaking up or becoming completely conventional and not offering satisfaction to any of you. The 4 will try to limit the speed of 1 and set limits, barriers so that if he succeeds, match 1 will almost be castrated. But if he does not succeed it and this is most likely, as 1 has a tendency to be a leader and always succeeds on his own, then the partner 4 will be trapped in a relationship full of limitations and will live unsatisfied.

1 to 5 
Very good relationship for those looking for evolution, freedom and liveliness in a relationship. The 5 is quite free, magnetic and live and these qualities are very attractive to 1, who will fall in love with 5. The 5 is the lucky one in this relationship, but it’s best not to forget that the 1 orders, decides and leads the relationship.

1 to 6
They can build a strong relationship, as long as they are both mature and are able to take responsibility for each other. The 6 is by nature responsible and has no problem taking on additional responsibilities for the good, balance and facilitation of the relationship. This element can lead the partner 1 to take advantage of the generosity of partner 6, with the result that the relationship is unilateral in terms of rights and obligations to the detriment of 6.

1 to 7
A difficult relationship is predicted that does not always lead to a happy ending as partner 1 is impulsive, direct, direct and expressive while partner 7 is introverted and less social than partner 1. These differences lead to problematic cohabitation with the possibility of infidelity. A relationship between these numbers will always have a form of loss and is a better combination for friendship or counseling.

1 to 8 
A strong relationship is foretold that often has even elements of competition hidden behind the common goals and common visions of the couple. The 8 is dynamic and this of course likes to 1, who finds the strength he needs to fight in life and feel dynamic and effective. In this relationship there are karmic elements that 8 brings to the life of 1 and sometimes, when the karmic debts are repaid, the relationship ends having served its purpose.

1 to 9
Dangerous relationship. However, they can learn from each other if there is a will, for example, the match 9 can help and lovingly surround the goals of 1, but he will also need to become strong enough to be able to face the egoism of 1 On the other hand, 1 may strengthen and inspire vision in 9, but he will have to fight with the tendency to use Taser 9 for his own benefit.