Interpretation in the deck of cards: The card of the God POSEIDON symbolizes sentimentality, insight and hard work.

Poseidon is the lord of the sea and master of all its phenomena. He causes storms and he calms them down. With its trident, it causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Creates islands, reefs and springs. It gives a favorable wind to the sailors, which protects them. He is also a protector of fishermen. Since he is the god of water, he is also the god of vegetation.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of the individual, ie the emotional person with insight and very hardworking.

The symbol of Poseidon, the trident, is the ultimate expression of his triple power, which sometimes disturbs and sometimes calms the turmoil he causes. And more specifically, the Trinity within the living beings and within man is the one who rules the emotion. This inner Trinity sometimes disturbs our inner waters and we have an emotional storm, and sometimes it calms them down, so we feel beautiful and calm. Man is an emotional being, precisely because he is dominated by water. But he is also an insightful being, precisely because of his emotional nature.

The children of Poseidon, the sea monsters (Antaios, Polyfimos, Prokroustis, etc.) stand menacingly and insidiously at sea to stifle people.

In addition, the absence of love, interest, affection, tenderness and on the other hand, selfishness, lust and repressed feelings and thoughts conflict uncontrollably with each other creating hatred, strife and unbridled passions in his soul. His mental life stumbles between the two opposing tendencies, the predominance of Logic or Emotion.

Professionally refers to a hardworking and organizational person.

Also in this case he can simply declare his zodiac sign (Pisces).

The same card as number 8 may indicate the time that an event will happen (8days, 8 weeks…), or the lucky number.

The characteristics of this Zodiac sign are:

Strong points

He has creative, artistic, imaginative, unusual talent. He is smart, has humor, understanding, mental ability. He is a flexible, nice, generous, kind, friendly, tolerant and intuitive person. In romance, Pisces is loyal, affectionate and has a sense of humor. They love life at home. Pisces are not jealous associates


This critic, lack of ambition, difficult to understand, needs mental companionship, sarcastic. They are prone to passions, are completely given to a relationship and easily become insecure. They are self-destructive.