Interpretation in the deck of cards: The card of ZEUS symbolizes omnipotence and absolute power. It also symbolizes victory in court cases.

Zeus according to ancient Greek theogony is the “Father of the gods and men” who rules the Gods of Olympus. This is the god of heaven and lightning. He is known for his love affairs. Jupiter has always been a meteorological god, a controller of lightning, lightning and rain.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of the person, ie the strong, the man who loves the power that sets laws and rules, the good leader but also a nervous person. He also declares his unfaithful wife and lover. Professionally refers to a man with a position and a great position.

Also in this case he can simply state his zodiac sign (Sagittarius).

The same card as number 5 may indicate the time of an event, usually in one’s professional life or lucky number.

The characteristics of this Zodiac are

Strong points

Warm, nice, charming, honest. It is distinguished by integrity and humor. He is optimistic, imaginative, intelligent, eloquent, ambitious and sociable.


Impulsive, mature, anxious, honest, he quickly changes his mood, impatient. In romance, Sagittarians are independent, but they offer faith, affection and generosity. Sagittarians will always offer compromises, but they tend to be distrustful