42 ares

Interpretation in the deck of cards: The card of ARIS indicates unbridled passion, boldness, courage, aggression, violent victorious conflicts . The god Mars will give you the courage to cope with the difficulties of life. It will make you so bold that you will be able to chart your past, present and future on your own.

Mars is the god of bravery and all warriors try to look brave both on and off the battlefield. ” Mars was passionate about all his events, even love. After all, he is the only god who was able to provoke the passion in the theatrical love of Aphrodite.

This card overturns any negative result or reinforces the positive if combined when throwing cards with the Greek Alphabet.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of the individual, ie that he is a brave man, brave, daring, passionate, aggressive, expressive as he is protected by God Mars.

Also in this case he can simply declare his zodiac sign (Scorpio).

The same card as number 3 may indicate the time of an event, the lucky number of someone.

Strong points

Hypnotic personality, magnetic charm, strong views, determination, strong will, Inventive, energy, dignity, courage, perseverance, determined, creative, generous, honest.


Complexity (complex), harsh, excessive criticism of others, without compromise, selfish, sarcastic, secretive. In romance, relationships tend to be stormy, Scorpio can show jealousy and possessiveness. They need constant reassurance.