Predict the future?

According to Plato, our soul after wandering in the celestial places entered the world of ideas. The world of absolute knowledge, and then the event of our natural birth took place. It is the moment when our soul enters our body. This was the cause that our soul forgot everything and began to be fed with information from everyday life. The information, eventually, are copies of the world of ideas.

So, according to Plato, the accident is not our own forgetfulness and delusion, but the fact that we are not aware of them. Because we have forgotten the ideas, we do not realize that what we see with our senses in this material world are deceptive images. Images of the things that we have seen and known in the world of ideas and we believe that they are true beings.


The soul chooses each time its way of life according to its respective goal. That is, depending on the idea that the soul wants to develop.
So man from the beginning is a connoisseur of his past but also from the beginning a connoisseur of his future. That is, of his life as it appears in the material world. The difference between people is that some of us are so obsessed with the conscious world, trying to survive, that we cannot perceive the knowledge which is hidden in the unconscious. Others perceive this knowledge as a simple evolution of science, while others see it as a gift from only a few of us, that is, as a prophetic power. In this way, the future is predicted!

In my opinion, a person must learn to trust what the unconscious dictates to him – according to Junke – or the subconscious according to Freud. Because then man can become a prophet of his life and to predict the future : what is recorded and already selected by the future for him.


Analyzing some of Junk’s theories about the unconscious, we can support the view that all of the above questions and theories hide truths within them. Junk’s greatest contribution to the evolution of psychology was the concept of the soul, the mental structure, the unconscious. For Junk, the human psychic world is not a fantasy, but a reality: “There are things in the soul that live and function just as if they were conscious, while the ego does not even suspect their existence.”
“The soul is no less real than the body. Although it cannot be felt, it can be immediately and fully felt as well as observed. It is a world of self that is governed by laws, and has its own means of expression. Everything we know about our existence or about the world reaches us through the soul. “

“The term ‘soul’ refers to all the internal processes of the conscious and the unconscious.
According to Junk, human experience is recorded in the human unconscious. According to him, the unconscious is older than the conscious. The unconscious has experience. So the human soul has experience, it has knowledge, that is, it has divinatory abilities. Thus, man is at the point where he believes in divination but cannot explain it with logic, that is, with his consciousness.
According to all the above, divination is the knowledge of the ideas that pre-exist in the unconscious of man.

So divination exists as a possibility for all people, that is, it is their property. The difference lies in the different expression of the unconscious in each person, in the involuntary or even voluntary elimination of the memories of the ideas.

Finally we conclude that the future is predicted