Interpretation in the deck of cards: The APHRODITES card indicates beauty both internal and external (human beauty), love, affection, passion, pleasure. The goddess Aphrodite will give you pleasure both in your romantic life and in your social life.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Peace on the Mountain of Olympus. The mount of the pure archetypal Ideas.

This card overturns any negative result and reinforces all the positives if combined during the throwing with cards of the Greek Alphabet.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of this person. Is a person with erotical beauty, the cooperative and passionate partner for life. Also in this case can simply be declared its zodiac sign (Taurus).

The same card as number 6 may indicate the time that an event may happen (6 days, 6 weeks…), or the lucky number of someone.

TAURUS (Negative house of Aphrodite)
April 21 – May 20

Strong points

This sign is characterized by strength, stability, patience, self-control, calm, collection, self-service, confidence, are nice, good advisors, diplomats, credible, reliable, practical, with orderly thinking.


They get angry easily and easily become depressed. They worry a lot, and often become excessive. They are extreme as they often feel insecure. In their relationships, Taurus is understandable, loyal and legitimate, but they can become jealous and possessive. They have a love for home life.