Tawny Man

37 tawny man

Concentrate on the question that you asked, start stirring the deck. When you feel ready stop it and press open all the cards. Now read all the interpretations together. Or by pressing on each card you may read its interpretation separately from the others.

33 brunette young man

A brunette young man

A brunette young man

40 tawny young woman

A Brown Young Woman

A Brown Young Woman


The card with the term PSEUDOS (LIE) and the performance “Sirens”, warns us that someone will try to deceive us.

The card with the term PSEUDOS (LIE) and the performance “Perjury” indicates the false news, the forgery and the fraud.
In this case, be very careful with your partners and the various legal documents.


The card Xenos with the image “Nafsika and Ulysses” foretells a meeting that will result in a new acquaintance.

The card XENOS with the perfimage “The hospitality of Telemachus from Menelaus” suggests a visit by an acquaintance of ours, a meeting between friends.


The card MICHANI card with the image of “Talos” indicates the inaccessible obstacles that we will encounter during the outcome of a case. This meaning is reversed only if the card is combined with a deity. Then the “Talos” show protection to us from injustice or enemies, since Talos is now considered to serve us

The card MICHANI with the Image “Talos and Medea” indicates obstacles that we will encounter but we will be get over them, either because we will have the help of a third person, or because of our intelligence and our will. In any case, we will ultimately win victorious as the human mind proves to be stronger in this case than any artificial or natural obstacle.

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