Interpretation in the deck of cards: With this card of Goddess DEMETRA, the fertility, the motherhood, the wholeness, the power of change, the rebirth are indicated. The myth of Persephone, we could say that is a symbolic representation of the adventure of the inner of the life that will sink into mourning, so that it can then blossom in happiness. It reflects the power of renewal. Because people will not be able to experience the changes of the seasons if they do not mourn. Only then will they have a past. And the past is an integral part of the world.

Demetra is a goddess who has dedicated most of her life to people. For most of the time he was down to earth and taught them how to plow, how to reap, how to water and how to feed pets. Her inseparable companion was always her son Pluto, who was always willing to scatter abundantly.

This card overturns any negative result or reinforces the positive if combined with cards of he Greek Alphabet during the throwing of the cards.

In case it is combined with one of the 16 cards of the protagonists – persons, it indicates the character of the person : the good family person , the cooperative, the efficient, the protective. Also in this case he can simply state its zodiac sign (Virgo).

The same card as number 9 may indicate the time that an event will take place or the lucky number of someone.

Strong points

Intelligence, perception, need for perfection, honesty, integrity, concern for others. He is a person willing to help and commit, inventive with a clear mind and quite lucky. He lives and breathes for his child.


Cynicism, pessimism, criticism, (including self-criticism) do not forgive, they have anxiety, nervousness, hypochondria, laziness. In relationships, Virgo is not very romantic. Virgos need a partner to guide and encourage them. It is unsuitable for financial management. They want their fruits to bear fruit so much that they often live in an illusion.