What love is?

Once, my children asked me what love means.
  -Is love a feeling?
  – No It’s not a feeling it’s an emotion.
  – So what does one feels, to be able to say that is in love?

Love is many things together. It’s when you want to be with the other until your old age and even more… Just like Philemon and Bavkis who asked from Zeus not only to live for the rest of their lives together, but also to die together.

Love is to rejoice when the other person is smiling, when he is dreaming, when
 he is fine and when he looks happy.

 Love is to make sacrifices, if needed, to see your beloved one happy.
 Don’t regret, don’t whine thinking of yourself,
 when the other one is away- if that makes him happy and joyful.

 Love is when you suffer for the other person and you do not show this to him, when it makes him stronger … but you show this to him when he is vulnerable and needs your support.

 Love is when you are not able to imagine yourself without the other one, but to accept this without protest if life brings it this way. Then, you must act in a way that your beloved would like you to behave.

Love is not an excitement, is not a passion… it is even more powerful, because love is multidimensional, is multi-layered, is multifaceted, is durable, is incorruptible and manifests itself in many ways and in many feelings  and in many emotions together.

Love was identified by Plato with the “Platonic love” which was defined as an exclusive spiritual attraction and contact between
 people of different ages, maturity and wisdom. The Platonic lovers aim through this erotic conquest in the spiritual creation, which will ensure their participation in immortality.
Love is to make dreams for your beloved one , but at the same time being able to accept his dreams as yours if that’s what pleases him.

Love is to care for the other one, but also do not neglecting yourself. Just think that when there is true love he wants all of the above not only for him but also for you in order both of you to feel complete.
Love is the driving force because, as Dante used to say, it is love that moves the sun and the others.

That is why one must express love as often as possible. It is not a shame. Love is the food of the soul in our course in life. So shout loudly I I LOVE YOU, say it now, say it today, say it tomorrow…. Do not regret the words; the words are for us to express ourselves; say it now while you can and while the other one can hear you :I LOVE YOU,

Love hurts, love heals, love gives joy, love gives meaning, love is purpose… love is offering… .love is kindness. .Love is the best